TR55 - Trailer kit for 55L silvan

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For use with trailed 55L Redline Sprayers already fitted with the Trailer kit (TR55). With nozzle matched to the pump ot the 55L Redline (SP55-R1) This simple bolt on attachment provides an adjustable spray coverage up to 2m width ideal for application of selective herbicides to control capeweed or other broadleaf weeds.

Steel Frame bolts direct to trailer (TR55)
Anvil Nozzle with spray width upto 2m
Swiveling Nozzle holder allows the angle of the nozzle to be tilted up and down which also controls the spray width
Includes Prefitted hose that can be directly fitted to the pumps outlet for easy plumbing
Includes optional power switch that can be fitted inline to the power loom for allow easy power on/off by the operator from the drivers seat of a ride on mower
TR55 - Trailer kit for 55L silvan