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Air Induction Nozzles

Venturi nozzles

How the agrotop venturi nozzle works 

agrotop venturi nozzles, e.g. AirMix®, have two main parts, the injector and the distribution tip. The orifice of the injector determines the flow rate, therefore the size of the injector determines the size of a venturi nozzle. The injector is also the part where the air is injected into the liquid flow, using the “Venturi principle”. Air and liquid are mixed, forming larger droplets with air bubbles inside.

The second component of a venturi nozzle is the distribution tip, responsible for the spray pattern. The air-filled bubbles produced by the venturi nozzles are much larger than the “normal” droplets of a standard nozzle, for the same pressure and size.

When the air-filled droplets of a venturi nozzle hit a surface, e.g. a leaf, the bubbles burst, distributing finer droplets all over the surface, improving the coverage. Larger droplets provide better penetration, even in dense canopies. The bursting droplets guarantee an excellent coverage, sometimes even on the underside of the leaves.

Advantages of agrotop venturi nozzles

In any situation where drift is a problem, the use of a venturi nozzle is highly recommended. agrotop venturi nozzles enable farmers to apply pesticide within an optimum time frame, even when weather conditions are less favourable and large areas have to be treated.

  • Drift reduction up to 90 % depending on size and pressure
    • protects environment
    • saves money
  • Same efficiency/coverage as standard nozzles Venturi nozzles might be operated at a different pressure
  • Excellent penetration
  • Spray applications are more independent from weather conditions
  • Reduce contamination of environment, neighbour crops or persons with chemical spray