L-H6001 - WINDMETER WM-300

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Weather plays an important part during application. Measuring conditions on the spot such as wind speed, Delta T and temperature make a vital difference in the daily decision making of an applicator. Recording weather data is a mandatory label requirement. For everybody who applies chemicals, the WindMate is a must have tool.

Temperature in °C or °F
Relative humidity in % (does not need re-calibration)
Wet bulb temperature in °C or °F
Dewpoint in °C or °F
Delta T in °C or °F
Windspeed in Km/hr, MPH, knots, M/Sec, Ft/min, Beaufort (gives maximum and average)
Compass and wind direction (using wind vane)
Comfort index (takes into account the impact of wind, temperature, relative humidity and sun strength
L-H6001 - WINDMETER WM-300